4 Secret Ways to DOUBLE Your Point Total in Rec Hockey

Want to be like WRHL points leader Triston Eastman (Bud Knights) or goals leaders Brandon Abraham (Gremlins) , Tanner Chamberlain (Nature Boys), and Bryce Litke (Boba Jetts)?

It may not be as hard as you think — it turns out being “good” is not the only answer. Here are four ways to add to your point total. 

1. Get Better Linemates

Let’s be real, we all know [insert right winger linemate name here] has been holding your line back, there’s no doubt. You’d have a bunch more points if he knew how to put the puck in the freaking net. It’s not that hard, especially with the crisp passes you’ve been feeding him. You know it, your teammates know it, and even he knows it. You’re being held back. 

2. Skate Straight to the Ref after your team scores

Immediately after scoring, while all of your teammates go to congratulate the goal scorer, skate immediately to the referee and say “I had the breakout pass that started the play”. Then follow that statement by telling the referee your number repeatedly. 

“Hey Ref, #10 on that second apple”.

“Hey, don’t forget my assist on that one. Hey. Hey.” 

3. Befriend the Timekeeper

If the referee doesn’t fall for your shenanigans, you can always try the timekeeper. At the end of the game, skate to the timekeeper and say “great game timekeep” and then try and quickly scan the gamesheet through the glass to see if there are any goals without second assists. If there are, quickly say “hey make sure you get #10 on the third goal”. 

4. Take Advantage of the WRHL Stats Program

Coming in Spring & Summer 2023, the WRHL will be launching a stat correction form. Yes yes, we know it’s “taboo” to care about your points in rec league, but let’s be real, we all do care. So, your secret will be safe with us. Spring & Summer Captains/Representatives will receive instruction on how to access the super top secret form to request stat changes and we’ll keep your secret safe with us!