Winter 2023/24 Free Agents & Subs

Are you interested in being placed on a team, play on occasion as a sub, or be a part of our always fun "Free Agent" teams? Sign up below! 

Free AgentS

This is for people who either want to be placed on an existing team, or be a part of our free agent team. 

WRHL Winter Free Agents

Calling all free agent hockey players in Winnipeg! Are you looking to play adult co-ed recreational hockey this winter, but don't have a team? 

Past WRHL free agent teams have been a massive success, turning individual players into close friendships. Multiple former free agent teams have turned into regular team that stays together during future seasons! 

All free agents are placed on a team that will play a minimum of 26 games (including 2 playoff games). Each team will be limited to no more than 17 players. 

Season Details

  • Regular season begins week after Thanksgiving
  • Regular season goes until end of February/early March
  • A minimum of 2 playoff games including in your registration, with up to 6 playoff games at no additional cost
  • Varied locations, primarily Hockey For All Center
  • Varied start times and days of week, with no games beginning after 1030pm and the average start time being 9pm

Game Details

  • 3 x 15-minute stop time periods with a flood every two periods
  • 3-on-3 overtime + shootout (if necessary) and time permits
  • 90-minute game slots
  • 2 Officials + 1 Timekeeper per game


  • All free agents receive a jersey and pair of socks All free agents receive access to WRHL Player Perks
  • Includes 26 games (incl. 2 playoff games or more) with the potential for additional playoff games at no cost

Casual Sub List

This is for people who want to casually sub in as a player or goalie. If you fill out this form, we will pass along your contact information to Team Representatives when they look for a list of substitute players.