Summer Team Registration


After listening to feedback from our teams, we are trialing a new format for the summer of three 15 minute periods with no floodThis will result in the same amount of game time as always (maintaining the great bang-for-buck value of WRHL Hockey) but will get your team on the patio to rehydrate sooner!

We are also implementing the below assurances for all registered teams:

  • Select an arena to guarantee you NEVER play at (Facility Block) perk
  • NO GAMES after 10pm
  • NO GAMES on Saturday AND another day-of-week of your choice

Summer Registration Options

  • 14 games guaranteed  (incl. 2-6 playoff games*) -- CLICK HERE -- $4,799+GST 
  • 16 games guaranteed (incl. 2-6 playoff games*) -- CLICK HERE -- $5,389+GST 
  • 18 games guaranteed (incl. 2-6 playoff games*) -- CLICK HERE -- $5,939+GST

Summer '24 Registration - 14 Games

Summer '24 Registration - 16 Games

Summer '24 Registration - 18 Games

Summer Scheduling Details

  • Start Date: YOUR CHOICE of May 1 or May 12
  • End Date: Early August 2024 Regular Season / Late August 2024 Playoffs
  • Start Times: No games after 10pm!
  • Days Of Week: YOUR CHOICE OF TWO OPT-OUT DAYS (i.e. Friday + Saturday)
  • Blackout Days: Select up to 10 other days to blackout!
  • Facilities: To be confirmed — please email for any questions
  • Playoff Format: All teams advance to playoffs in a double-elimination format (2 playoff games guaranteed)
  • Holidays: No games over May Long Weekend, Canada Day Weekend, August Long Weekend
  • Game Format: 
    • 3 x 15-minute periods starting on clean ice and with no in-game flood
    • 3-on-3 OT and Shootout if necessary and time permits (game slots are 75 minutes)

Scheduling Perks 

Scheduling perks cost $500 + GST, however teams that submit their registration BEFORE March 1 receive $100 off their scheduling perk! Once purchasing, confirmation of availability and list of available facilities will be circulated prior to the initial scheduling window.


  • No games after 10pm! 
  • Pick when you play! Select up to FORTY (40) days to pick  when you DON’T play 
    • This is done through a combination of picking days of the week you can/can’t play and the ability to select up to 10 ADDITIONAL days to dark out ON TOP of the days-of-the-week you pick.
    • Choose to opt-out of Fridays+Saturdays, Saturdays+Sundays, Fridays+Sundays, or any other combination of blocked days-of-the-week! Unlike other leagues, you can opt out of these days-of-week for the ENTIRE season. 
  • You choose when to start your season either May 1 or May 12.
  • Submit your favourite preferences through our best-in-class scheduling preference survey!
  • Pick your preferred regions to play out of and let our scheduling algorithm maximize your preferences!
  • Distributed payment options to allow you to split your payments and avoid the need to pay all at once!

All teams also receive the below scheduling guarantees.

  1. Average Time Guarantee: All teams guaranteed within 10% of league average median start time and % of "Late" games based on comparable teams with the same survey preferences (region, omit dates)
  2. Day of Week Guarantee: All teams can pick up to two days of the week to not play games on, including weekends!
  3. Omit Dates Guarantee: All teams can pick a minimum of 10 “omit dates” to not play on in ADDITION to the two specific days-of-week
  4. Start Time Guarantee: No games start after 10pm

Perk options are circulated after registration during the season kickoff survey. Questions about the perks? Email Us!



  • Deposit - $1,000.00 (plus additional scheduling perk surcharge if applicable)
  • March 15th - $1,000.00 
  • April 15th - $1,000.00
  • May 15th - $1,000.00 
  • June 15th - Remainder

Payment Information

  • Fees can be paid via E-transfer to 
  • Captains can split up and assign individual payment amounts directly through Hockeyshift for easier team management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big will your divisions be?

A: Last year, we will be listening to feedback received from teams and our "Captain's Advisory Committee" to begin the year with a seeding round where no official divisions are created but teams are matched based on survey data and our research into teams that will likely be competitive with each other. After a handful of games, official divisions will be created. Generally speaking, we aim to have larger divisions at the start of the year to allow for more varied opponents and eventually reach a division size of 4-6 teams for the playoffs to maximize competitiveness and parity. 

Q: What split of games will there be in the different facilities?

A: This is conditional on a combination of the final ice we do receive from different facilities combined with the number of registrations we receive. The more teams we receive registrations from across the city, the more of a city-wide league we can be. 

Q: We don't want to play across the ****ing city. What can we do?

A: We've listened -- while we still believe that playing games in different regions is key to both parity and making the most competitive in the city, for teams that have a very high value of NOT playing in certain facilities, we've created a scheduling perk that allows you to choose multiple rinks to NOT play out of, guaranteed. This perk is even free if you register early enough or take part in our referral program.

Q: What facilities do you play out of?

A: Our core rinks are Hockey For All Centre, The RINK, Seven Oaks, and Wayne Fleming Arena. Additionally, we sometimes play out of Gateway, Southdale, Silverstone, St James CC, River Heights, and more. For any non-core rinks, each team gets the opportunity to opt-out of playing at that facility. 

Q: Why are your games longer than other leagues?

A: Our executive team has been involved in running rec hockey leagues in Sudbury, Edmonton, and more! In most of the markets we have operated, people were hesitant for that 9 extra minutes of ice (from 36 to 45 minutes). In Edmonton, a few years after switching to 45 minutes all of our competitors had mirrored us. We believe that it's better for everyone involved to have fewer trips to the rink but more time on the ice. And besides, it helps your stamina, which can help in lots of areas in your life! WRHL players last longer, and score more! 

*Q: What do you mean by 14 guaranteed games (includes 2-6 playoff games)?
A: This means you’d receive at minimum 14 games. 12 games would be via the regular season, and then you’d finish with anywhere between 14-18 games played total (playoffs are included in your fees) depending on placement in division and playoffs.  

Other Information

  • Player insurance is included at no additional cost